A Shang Dynasty Knife2017年4月
The main weapons used for warfare in the Shang dynasty were the
dagger-axe (戈ge) and long spear (矛mao). In addition to the ge and mao,
the dagger (匕首bi shou), knife (dao) and battle-axe (鉞yue) have also been
discovered among burial contents of tomb sites of the Shang Dynasty.
燕譽堂將在十月二曰至十五曰推出一個很特別的「盒子文化」展覽: 表彰中國傳統製作工藝的精緻文化。這次展覽將展出超過三十個可以追溯到元代到清代的文人盒子。
清朝剔红香盒雕刻的紅色漆盒清朝 (1644-1911AD)直徑5.5厘米 x 高6厘米
Du Shang Issue 192015年6月1日
Oi Ling Antiques is featured as Du Shangmagazine's cover story in October.